Jeremiah Leavitt, b.1760, to Nathaniel and Lydia Sanborn Leavitt, married Sarah Shannon. In about 1800, they moved from Grantham New Hampshire to Hatley, Quebec, Canada, where they reared a large family. Jeremiah died in 1817. In 1835 most of Jeremiah Leavitt’s family, including widowed, Sarah Shannon Leavitt, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and left Quebec to join the main body of the Church.  This began a long process of migration that took them first to Kirtland, Ohio, then to Nauvoo, Illinois. They eventually became pioneers of the great American West, involved in the creation of settlements throughout the western United States.
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The WALF has an excellent discussion of the history of the Leavitt Crests and their use in America today as Association Logos posted on their site.  Please visit the "Heraldry" link below for more information.
WALF Chapters are organized along the family lines of the children of Jeremiah and Sarah Shannon Leavitt. The organization includes chapters for those children who remained east, as well as those who migrated to the west.

Nine of their children had posterity.  Accordingly, nine "Family Organizations" have been set up, one for each child's family, to create the Western Association of Leavitt Families (WALF), in 1997. The WALF and NALF held a joint Reunion in Salt Lake City in 1998.

With Deacon John Leavitt (b.1608) and his wife Sarah Gilman as the first generation in a line of descent, these nine Family Organizations are found to be on the sixth generation level.  They are descendants of Deacon John in this way: John - 1, Moses - 2, Joseph - 3, Nathaniel - 4, Jeremiah - 5.

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