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The story of John is contained in the Genealogy, “LEAVITT Descendants of John, the Immigrant Through His Son, Moses” written by Emily Leavitt Noyes in 1941.  Emily then produced four more Genealogies for the remaining four sons of John who had progeny:  Israel, published in 1948; Josiah, published in 1949; Samuel, published in 1956; and Nehemiah, published in 1982 by Julia Bumpus Berndt using the manuscript written by Emily Noyes before her death in 1961 and supplemented by additional material covering the years 1960-1982.

After publishing the first three genealogies covering John’s sons (Moses, Israel and Josiah), Emily Noyes turned her attention to Thomas Leavitt and his sons Hezron and Aretas, publishing their genealogy in one volume entitled “LEAVITT Descendants of Thomas Leavitt, the Immigrant 1616-1696, and Isabella Bland”.  This volume was published in 1953.

Emily Noyes also accumulated data on families she called her “Maine Line,” always hoping to connect them to either John Leavitt of Hingham or Thomas Leavitt of Hampton, but the connection was never found during her lifetime.  Julia Bumpas Berndt published this data in 1980 as a separate 30 page volume with a 6 page index entitled “Part II, The Maine Line.”  It was the 
research of Harold Eber Melzar that provided the “missing link” to Hobbs Leavitt (4) of the Thomas Leavitt line.  We are indebted to his son Frederic P. Melzar (11) who responded to a query in the “Yankee Magazine” sent in by Mrs. Mabelle (Leavitt) Wonson, and kindly shared his father’s research.  This material is now included in the 1990 update for the Thomas Volume IV book.

In general, the Leavitt genealogies carry the lines through the 9th or 10th generations, in years to the 1940's and early 1950's. Although the original volumes have been out of print for many years, the Association has arranged for spiral bound reprints, printed in slightly larger type than the originals, which are available at cost.  Volumes range from $10.00 to $35.00.  For full details, see the Order Form below.

In addition, two sets of updates to the six original genealogies have been compiled. A set issued in 1990 included family material, news clippings and genealogical data gathered by the Association in the years following the publication of the original volumes. A second set issued in 1997 consists of similar material gathered in the intervening seven years. Included are responses to a request for updated genealogical data from all members sent via the newsletter in July 1992.  Both the 1990 and 1997 updates are available from the Association in spiral bound editions.

Julia Bumpus Berndt, who was instrumental in the revival of the National Association of Leavitt Families after it had ceased operation in the 1960’s compiled these twelve updates.  In the Preface for each of the 1990 updates Julia wrote: “This material, taken from the collection of the Association, has been received mostly, since the re-activation in 1983, through correspondence.”  The 1990 Updates had added to the original genealogies but did not repeat the information in Emily’s books.  In similar fashion the 1997 Updates did not include data contained in the 1990 editions.  These update volumes contain newspaper articles, photos and letters from the NALF Archive Collections as well as genealogical data.
We are currently preparing new updated editions for the 2008 - 2010 time period and actively solicit contributions of Leavitt descendants, with birth-marriage-death dates and places, siblings families, cemeteries, and any descriptive biographical information.  The Nehemiah volume will be first to be released.  These updates, unlike those in the past, will include the data from Emily Noyes original books, supplemented with information in the update volumes previously issued.  The presentation will follow the format of descendant ordered genealogy reports.  At this time NALF is inputting all current and new data into a genealogical database that will generate these reports as well as comprehensive name and location indices.  New information provided by research carried out by NALF board members as well as family genealogies submitted since the 1997 update will be included.  To that end we hope many of you will get on board, and provide your lines, as well as help with our census and vital records projects.

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